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Patrick Roode

Director of Coaching
Men's First Team Head Coach

Patrick Roode will be AFC South Bay’s inaugural Head Coach and Director of Coaching. Coach Roode’s experience and proven track record have led to this appointment and will work to set the standard for AFC South Bay. Coach Roode has been active as a player in the sport since he was 5 years old, winning multpile state championships, participating in the State ODP(Olympic Development program), and traveling the country competing agaisnt the top competition in the United States, as a memeber of West Omaha Hotspurs. 

He brings nearly two decades of coaching experience with clubs in Nebraska, winning multiple state titles, developing some of the top teams and players in the region. Previous clubs he has achieved success with include West Omaha Gladiators, Sporting Omaha/Sporting Nebraska FC (Sporting KC affiliate), Nebraska FC, and De Anza Force(California). His players have played at the highest levels of youth, collegiate, and professional soccer. He also brings valuable experince working with world class athletes as a college educated Strength and Conditioning coach, and having coached the Olympic Sport of Weightlifting, qualifying and coaching athletes at some of the largest competitons in the sport.  

As we aim to elevate players to the next level, Coach Roode provides the experience, style of play, and high standards of player and team development, that will fuel our clubs success for years to come. His close working relationship with collegiate, semi-professional, and professional coaches & organizations will be of great value to the club and players. Mr. Roode is also a firm believer in active and direct involvement in the community to uphold values and principles that will elevate the beautiful San Jose community.

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