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AFC South Bay

Based in San Jose, CA, Athletic Football Club South Bay was founded in 2021, playing our inaugural season in the UPSL's highly competitive Wild West Division.  AFC South Bay is focused on bringing an elite level of play through consistent, high standards of player development on and off the field. Our winning culture is led by a coaching staff with decades of experience cultivating and setting those standards with a proven track record of success.

AFC South Bay has two primary missions:  

-Build a championship culture on and off the field within our teams as well as each individual.

-Strive to be the platform for athletes to continue their development process.

Our players play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. We are proud to represent the South Bay Area and thrilled to be a part of San Jose's passionate culture. Follow us on our socials for all of our great upcoming events, get some merch, and join AFC’s Supporter Group.

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